We, the members of First Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ, Pooughkeepsie, have long stood against divisiveness in our world in all its forms.  We are a diverse and inclusive community of faith, worshiping God and living out the teachings of Christ to love one another as God loves us.  We recognize that every person has dignity and worth as a unique creation made in God’s image.  We celebrate with gratitude the diverse gifts of God among us.

We affirm all relationships of support that are founded on the principles of love and justice, including committed partnerships of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual persons.

We commit to being a congregation that includes all persons, embracing differences of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability and marital status, as well as social, economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds.  We welcome all to share in the life and leadership, ministry and fellowship, worship, sacraments, responsibilities and blessings of participation in our congregation.  We support and defend the human rights of all persons, and believe that through our diversity, we can live a faith that transcends our differences.

Therefore, in response to the United Church of Christ General Synod of 1985, we declare ourselves to be Open and Affirming, extending God’s unconditional love and extravagant welcome to all who wish to be a part of our family in Christ.

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For the last 6 years we have participated in the New Paltz Pride parade. Here are a few photos!










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