Who We Are


Pastor:  Reverend Heather A. Moody
Office Manager and Sunday School Director / Teacher:
Tracy Lovejoy-Kitzweger
Music Director:  Debra Bucher
Sexton:  Walter Williams



Executive Board (2018):

Elizabeth Clifton, Council President
Linda Gregorius, Council Vice President
Cloud Bartoli, Recording Secretary
Debbie Furman, Church Clerk
Mike Soyka, Church Treasurer
Linda Riedeburg, Financial Secretary
Pete Driever, Head of Property Committee

Board of Deacons (2018):

Jean Craven, Co-Chair
Mona Tobey, Co-Chair
Jean Hessler
Tom Kirshner
Dotty Martinez
Cheryl Norton
Diane Soyka

Board of Trustees & Stewardship (2018):

Ted Riedeburg, President
Allan Clifton, Vice President
Mary Jalloh
Eli Mann
Fred Roe

Ministry Support Committee (2018):

Jean Berasi
Cliff Dooris
Maryann Williams

Intentional Caring Team (2018):

Cliff Dooris
Linda Gregorius


 Fellowship Hour Coordinators (2018):

 FCCUCC Homeless Shelter Meal Coordinator (2018):

Ushers (2018):

Chancel Choir:

Cloud Bartoli
Jean Borasi
Elizabeth Clifton
Eli Mann
Linda Riedeburg
Ted Riedeburg
Daphne Romeo
Diane Soyka
Mike Soyka
Don Twitchell

Additional members:
Mark Colvson
Rebecca Edwards
Laura Lamica

Special Music:

Cloud Bartoli
Elizabeth Clifton
Debbie Furman
Eli Mann
Linda Riedeburg
Daphne Romeo
Gene Scholtens
David Truong
Don Twitchell
Jaelyn Twitchell

If you are interested in being a part of the (walk-on!) choir, please contact the church office, Eli Mann, or Deb Bucher directly.  Rehearsals are from 9am to 10:10am, directly before worship.  All are welcome.