Our Children’s Ministry

Welcome to the Children’s Ministry of
First Congregational United Church of Christ

September – June

Ages 5* – 13

welcome to sunday school

One of the most important ministries of any church is the Children’s Ministry.  Parents are their children’s first teachers about faith.  Our children learn by watching their parents practice and asking questions about why we do what we do.   But often that’s not enough.  That’s where Sunday School can help.

Recognizing that the youth of today are the faith leaders of tomorrow, we at First Congregational UCC made the decision to renew our commitment to Children’s Ministry.

Tracy Lovejoy-Kitzweger leads this ministry as our Sunday School Director and Lead Sunday School Teacher.  She has well over 11 years experience in the Faith Formation of children.  In addition to her experience with children’s ministry, Tracy has served as our Office Manager for over 10 years.  By serving our church in that capacity, she has gained an in-depth knowledge of UCC theology and she practices God’s extravagant welcome every day.

Sunday School classes take place during regular worship on Sunday mornings.  After the Children’s Message (usually around 10:45 a.m.), our pastor will dismiss us to class.  Once worship has ended, we invite the parents/guardians to grab their coffee and yummy treats from fellowship hour before coming to the classroom to pick up the kids, usually around noon.

We use a Bible Story based curriculum.  What that means is each Sunday, our children will be learning about, listening to and exploring beloved Bible Stories.  We get the chance to take apart each story and learn pieces of it over a number of weeks.  That way, children who cannot be at Sunday School every Sunday still get to learn the Bible Story we are working on.  Each Sunday provides a mixture of crafts, learning, physical and mental activities, all with an eye towards learning while having fun!  We even serve snack, sometimes having made our snack during our class.  This year our learning will include the stories of Hannah, Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon.

It is our hope that the children are as excited about our program as we are.  We invite you to take a look at the pictures below and see all the fun we had in Sunday School last year!

We welcome you to come and be a part of this ministry! The fun of our program awaits!!

*If your child is younger than 5, we also offer nursery care during our worship services.

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We began our program year by making Rainbows.  Just as God put a rainbow in the sky to show his covenant with Noah, we made rainbows to show our covenant with each other, the covenant to learn, laugh and work together.

What are we doing in these pics?  Why bowling of course!  We were learning about the 10 Commandments.  There were cards numbered 1-10.  The kids in our class took turns bowling to knock over our soda bottle “pins”.  Whatever number of pins they knocked down is the card we turned over.  We revealed that commandment and spent time talking about which commandment it was, what it means, how it relates to our lives still today and whether they thought the commandment was an easy or hard one to follow. Yup, we sure made a lot of noise that morning!




Bowling and not trying to get a strike is a lot harder than it looks!






20161113_113140In the class pictured above, we were charged with making a basket out of foil to prevent our rock from dropping into the water, much like the basket that Moses’ mother used to save him.

20161211_114147In the class pictured above, we painted and decorated bricks to remind us of the Israelites who were forced to make bricks as part of their enslavement in Egypt.

20170115_111702In the class pictured above, we parted our own Reed Sea by putting pepper over a few inches of water in our trays then using a popsicle stick as a staff, we dipped it into dish soap and watched as our staff was placed into our “sea” causing the pepper to magically separate.

running-the-courseIn the class pictured above the children ran an indoor obstacle course to remind them that even when there are obstacles in their way, they can still finish the race.

As part of our end of year celebration, our children took on the leadership roles during worship on Christian Education Sunday.  We were the Ushers/Greeters, the Worship readers, the bell ringers, we even performed a short skit during worship in place of the regular sermon!  We had such a great year!  Join us, won’t you?

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