Tracy Lovejoy-Kitzweger

Pic of Tracy

After a long career in the personal assistant field, Tracy joined our staff in 2008 and quickly grew to love the people here.  She felt then and still does now that she finally found where she is meant to be.

Tracy has a deep faith in God and has found that working in a church environment has led to a greater sense of self-worth and feels truly valued as an employee.  She has a smile for everyone and when you call our office, you’ll most likely hear her warm welcoming voice answer your call.

Tracy also wears another hat for us.  In 2016 Tracy took over our Children and Youth Ministry as the director and lead teacher.  Putting her 16+ years of youth faith formation to work, Tracy set about revamping the program to make it interesting and fun while our kids learn about God and their faith.  She has created a safe space for our kids to learn, ask questions and build relationships with God, Jesus and with each other.

Tracy and her family live just across the river in lower Ulster County.