Office Manager

Tracy Lovejoy-Kitzweger


Having graduated high school and attending college for 2 years, Tracy decided that she had found her calling within the personal assistant field.  She worked in the corporate world for a great number of years before being downsized by IBM.  She made a conscious decision to leave the corporate world and began her new career direction by working for another local downtown church.  When that church closed, she joined our staff and quickly grew to love the people here.  She felt then and still does now that she finally found where she is supposed to be.

Tracy has a deep faith in God and has found that working in a church environment has led to a greater sense of self-worth and feels truly valued as an employee.  She has a smile for everyone and when you call our office, you’ll most likely hear her warm welcoming voice answer your call.

Tracy and her family live just across the river in lower Ulster County.

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